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VG Pro Medical Mask - BFE 99.8%

Product Name: VG Pro Medical Mask
Ref: VG-001
No. of layer: 03
Color: Blue / White
Exp: 02 years from MFG Date
Product information


  • 3 layers of non-woven filtering Polypropylene (SS/SSS) fabric and 1 layer of bacteria-filtering Meltblown;
  • Polyester-Spandex earloops;
  • Double polyethylene-wrapped metal wire nose strip.
  • The product does not contain latex which may cause skin irritation. 

Outstanding Protective Mechanism

VG Pro Mask is composed of 4 separate primary non-woven fabric layers. Each layer has a different function and when combined together they create a comprehensive protection shield for the respiratory system from all the potential risks such as particulate matters, viruses & bacteria, etc. The optimized design with soft earloops and a firm double-core metal nose strip brings comfort & breathability for users.


Blocks particulate matters (PM<2.5), pollen, smoke, viruses & bacteria in the air.


  • For single use only and cannot be washed.
  • Store in dry & cool environment. 

*VG Pro Mask is for single use only. Wear VG Pro Mask every day to protect yourself and everyone around you. Cover your mouth & nose with the mask to protect your respiratory system from fine dust (PM<2.5), droplets, viruses & bacteria. Notice: Wash hands before putting on the mask and after removing the mask.


Step 1: Put the mask on your face, pull the earloops & put them behind your ears. Put the side with the logo “VGH” outward.
Step 2: Adjust the nose strip to fit your nose. 
Step 3: Pull & adjust the top and bottom of the mask until it fully covers from the nose to the chin.

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