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VG95 Respirator

Product Name: KN95 Respirator

Ref: VG95/R1A

No. of layer: 05

Color: White

Exp: 02 years from MFG Date

Product information



  • 02 layers of filtering non-woven Polypropylene.

  • 02 layer of bacteria-filtering PP Meltblown.

  • 01 layer of ES Hot Air Cotton.

  • Double polyethylene-wrapped zinc wire nose strip.

  • Earloops are made of 24-needle woven elastic fabric.


Protective Mechanism

VG95 respirator is an effective tool to protect you from airborne or droplet-borne agents such as particulate matters, bacteria & viruses, etc. The Meltblown layer has a Particular Filtration Efficiency (PFE) of over 999% particulate matter with the size of 0.3 μm.

02 layers of filtering non-woven Polypropylene are droplet-resistant and waterproof. The ES Hot Air Cotton layer is sturdy which helps to maintain the solid form of the mask and increase ventilation.

Optimized Design:

  • Double polyethylene-wrapped metal wire nose strip prevent the split which may leads to inhaling unfiltered air or streams on glasses. 
  • Earloops are made of 5mm comfy elastic bands which do not create marks on the skin or pain for the ears. The earlooops do not contain latex which may cause skin irritation. 

VG95 is fixative for most face shapes, and does not create any gap under the chin.
  • The 3D design creates space to prevent masks from being sucked toward the nose & mouth when breathing and avoid sticking cosmetics on the mask.



  • For single use only and cannot be washed.

  • Store in a dry & cool environment. 

  • Wash hands before putting on and removing the VG95 respirator.

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