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About VG Healthcare Factory

VG Healthcare Factory with the total area of nearly 3000m2 started to operate in August 2020 which was just after 5 months of construction. This symbolizes VG Healthcare determination & deliberate investment to create the worldwide standard facility for manufacturing healthcare equipment and medical supplies.

The first blueprints of the factory were designed at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic and our foreign consultants could not travel to Vietnam to supervise the constructing process. Therefore, VG Healthcare used the latest online communication applications to update the process with the experts in real time and assembled all of our financial and human resources in order to emulate the plan.

VG Healthcare Factory is one of the largest manufacturing facility for healthcare equipment & medical supplies in the North of Vietnam which responds to worldwide standards. The interior is divided into 3 production zones connecting with each other by agile transporting lanes.

VG Healthcare Factory was designed and constructed according to the international standard of Cleanroom Class 100,000. It means that 1 ft3 volume of air inside the factory consists of less than 100,000 particulate matter with the size of 0.5 µm (equivalent to 1/500 of human hair diameter). This is the standard applied for medical supplies manufacturing around the world.


Specially, VG Healthcare Laboratory’s level of hygiene is maintained as the Cleanroom Class 10,000 standard. This is the required standard for vaccine and sterile drugs manufacturing facility.

One of the first key foundation of the Cleanroom standard is the interior design & construction of the factory. The whole floor inside VG Healthcare Factory is covered with epoxy which supports the cleaning process after each shift. The productions zones and function rooms are separated by panel wall. The adjoining section between the wall, the floor and the ceiling is covered by aluminum bar which help minimize dust and bacteria.


During operation, VG Healthcare Factory preserved its cleanliness standards by using the HVAC air conditioning and filtering. The HEPA H14, HEPA H13 & G4 system clean every 4 minutes (circulation of 15 times per hour) in order to keep the air as the Cleanroom Class 100,000 standard. The temperature inside the factory is maintained at 16 – 20 Celsius degree.

VG Healthcare installed Air Shower chambers at all entrances to production zones. Every time a person enterer the factory, he must go through the Air Shower to remove the dust and bacteria on his clothes. The Air Shower can contain 2 people at the same time and during the process, both doors are locked for 10 seconds. The high pressured air will be blown out from the wind holes from one wall and sucked to the other wall which create a one-way flow carrying all the unwanted dust & bacteria out.

All VG Healthcare Workers are fully equipped with protective suit, shoes, gloves and face mask. We established strict operating regulations and requires all of the workers to follow deliberately in order to retain the hygiene standards. At the start of each shift, workers must follow all the instructions to gear up with their personal protective equipment then go through the Air Shower before entering the production zones.


As a result of meticulous investment & planning, VG Healthcare Factory is legitimated with ISO 13485:2016 Standard for medical supplies manufacturing facilities worldwide.

Our strategic goal is to create credibility and build trust with our customers. Hence, all VG Healthcare’s production lines are imported as new and 100% synchronized which help to minimize the risk of interruption during production and ensure the large orders on time.


The production lines are operated by experienced and qualified technicians. VG Healthcare often organizes internal trainings for technicians and workers in order to improve workmanship and update the latest information relating to product standards and qualities.

Product quality is the most important criterion for VG Healthcare. We built and maintained a comprehensive quality control process for all of our products from the stage of selecting material to the moment it reaches the customers.

VG Healthcare only chooses the best sources of material on the market. We have trusted material suppliers all around the world (Vietnam, China, India, Turkey, Japan,…) which can assure the stability of our production process. 

All material will be sent to reputable and independent laboratory for quality test by VG Healthcare before entering production. The material transporting & storing process is precisely calculated and strictly followed to avoid contact with dust, virus, bacteria and other unwanted substances.

The Meltblown layer is the most important component of a disposable mask as its function is to filter dust, bacteria, virus and other particulate matters in the air. However, there is a large number of disposable mask in the market which are lack of the Meltblown layer or just using the Meltblown layer with the Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) of 90%. Meanwhile, VG Healthcare always select the best material for the Meltblown layer with the BFE of 99.8% (the highest level of BFE for medical mask according to American Society for Testing and Materials – ASTM).

VG Healthcare Factory has the designed production capacity of 3 million disposable masks per day. Our production lines can be operated synchronously or customized according to the requirements of the orders. Otherwise, VG Healthcare has a reliable network of OEM partners which are ready to receive large orders while still assuring the product quality.

VG Healthcare Factory locates at Tan Dan Commune, Khoai Chau District, Hung Yen Province. This convenient traffic location is next to the Yen My intersection of 5B express way connecting Hanoi with Hai Phong. The distance from VG Healthcare Factory to Noi Bai International Airport & Hai Phong International Port are 60 km and 100 km accordingly which reduce the transportation time to the international cargo ports.  


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